PSTKD Camp 2015

The 2015 camp was a great opportunity for taekwondo, training, running, patterns, free sparring…  and more taekwondo. Thank you to the wider Whangarei team for their co-ordination of the successful weekend, and the crucial kitchen team who kept the students well nourished so that they could learn as much as possible.

60+ students and instructors gathered on Friday evening for a combined training session in the main hall, with black belts continuing to train while the juniors had supper and prepared for bed. Saturday began with a basic fitness at 6am, which was a energising start to the day. Following breakfast, small groups broke away to focus on patterns and how to improving the power behind each individual pattern technique.

A surprise for the group was a visit from Phil Thompson, from Protect Self Defence. Phil was known to a number of the instructors, as he also had achieved a level of 2nd Dan Black Belt under Grandmaster Trevor Dicks prior to his specialisation in the teaching of self defence.

Students under 14 had an hour with Phil learning about personal safety and how to manage difficult situations, then went to enjoy the campgrounds waterslide and flying fox as the adults worked with Phil on some more intense scenarios of confrontation.

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