New 3rd Dan Black Belt amongst March grading honours

Over a decade of hard work paid off for Senior Instructor Brian Williams from the Ngunguru branch of Pacific Sun Taekwondo when he successfully passed his 3rd Dan Black Belt examination in Whangarei on March 17.

Senior Instructor Brian has been training with the organisation for over 15 years and students from his branch were in awe watching his breaking techniques, which included an impressive flying side kick and back kick combination break!

“It’s taken a lot of hard work to get to this point.”, Senior Instructor Brian said. “I know my students were looking forward to watching my grading; I’m just glad the hard work paid off and hopefully it goes a little way to pushing them to achieve higher honours with their training.”

Also successful at the March grading in Whangarei, was Rhys Angelo-Jones who passed his Junior Black Belt examination with flying colours. Rhys is now focussed on training for 1st Dan Black Belt.

Branches throughout the country reported excellent results from the March gradings, with students hard work becoming quickly apparent.

Congratulations to all of those who successfully graded.