New “Dans” throughout country for Pacific Sun Taekwondo!

Members from the Christchurch branch of Pacific Sun Taekwondo after their successful Dan gradings in November!

The November 2011 gradings have proven to be a massive success for Pacific Sun Taekwondo, with an unprecedented number of new Dans earnt!

It all began on Saturday November 5 in Whangarei, as Senior Instructor Dion McCracken passed his 3rd Dan Black Belt examination, and was soon followed by Ben Currie, Logan Hamlin and Hamish Dick all graduating from Junior Black Belt to 1st Dan Black Belt!

All three of the new 1st Dans have held their Junior Black Belt for over three years, and had trained hard to make the step up to 1st Dan Black Belt.

Video highlights from Senior Instructor Dion’s grading are available now on Youtube.

Two days later in Christchurch, it was the turn of Instructors James Schwaderer and Dan van der Starre who successfully passed their 2nd Dan Black Belt examination, and with it, a promotion to the rank of Senior Instructor!

Also grading in Christchurch was Blair Hemmingson and Steven Jelly, who both passed their 1st Dan Black Belt examination!

Then on Tuesday in Wellington, Instructor James Parr passed his 2nd Dan Black Belt examination, also moving to the rank of Senior Instructor!

Congratulations to the new Dans and to all of those who successfully passed their recent grading!

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