Two new 2nd Dans at Whangarei Central

Congratulations to Instructor Sam Butturini and Instructor Kim Donker who recently passed their 2nd Dan Black Belt examination!

Their achievement was followed soon after by another three successful 1st Dan Black Belt applicants and one Junior Black Belt applicant all from the Whangarei Central branch of Pacific Sun Taekwondo.

The successful examinations are a result of many years of hard work for all involved and we wish the greatest of congratulations to all!

Instructors Sam and Kim now begin work towards a promotion to Senior Instructor.

Grading dates for 2014 announced

Grading dates for 2014 have been announced, as below.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you back at training ASAP, especially with the short lead up to the March grading!

March 2014
Thursday March 20 – Auckland
Friday March 21 – Opua
Saturday March 22 – Whangarei
Monday March 24 – Christchurch
Tuesday March 25 – Wellington

June 2014
Thursday June 19 – Auckland
Friday June 20 – Opua
Saturday June 21 – Whangarei
Monday June 23 – Christchurch
Tuesday June 24 – Wellington

October/November 2014
Thursday October 30 – Auckland
Friday October 31 – Opua
Saturday November 1 – Whangarei
Monday November 3 – Christchurch
Tuesday November 4 – Wellington

November grading dates announced

Dates for the November round of gradings for Pacific Sun Taekwondo have been announced and are as follows:

Auckland – Thursday October 31
Opua – Friday November 1
Whangarei – Saturday November 2
Christchurch – Monday November 4
Wellington – Tuesday November 5

Whangarei Clubs enjoy a full pass mark

Whangarei Central students celebrate their new grades

The three Whangarei based branches of PSTKD enjoyed a 100% pass mark at June’s grading.

All students from Whangarei Central, Ngunguru and the recently added Mangapai club successfully moved to new grades.

“Successfully grading isn’t a guarantee.”, said Senior Instructor Dion McCracken. “Our students need to demonstrate their ability to a very high standard for Master Dicks to move them to the next grade. Everyone should be very proud of themselves.”

The next round of headings are set for November.


Grading dates for June 2013 announced

Dates for the next grading of 2013 have been set.

Auckland – Thursday June 20, 2013
Opua – Friday June 21, 2013
Whangarei – Saturday June 22, 2013
Christchurch – Monday June 24, 2013
Wellington – Tuesday June 25, 2013

Mangapai branch opening tomorrow

Pacific Sun Taekwondo is proud to announce the opening of a new branch tomorrow in Mangapai!

Coming under the umbrella of Whangarei Clubs, Instructor Sue Meyer (formerly of Whangarei Central branch) will head up the new Mangapai branch.

With several years of instructing experience under her belt, Instructor Sue will run the branch out of Mangapai Hall and will be offering one month’s free training for new students.

For more information, please visit our Mangapai branch page.

Whangarei branches welcome new 1st Dan Black Belt


Master Instructor Dicks congratulates Russell Webb on passing his 1st Dan Black Belt examination

Pacific Sun Taekwondo welcomed a new 1st Dan Black Belt to its ranks when Russell Webb passed his examination today.

Russell, from the Whangarei Central branch of PSTKD, has been training with the club since the age of 8 years old – 99 months in total.

He passed his Junior Black Belt examination three years ago, and since that time has been training hard towards this goal.

Russell’s grading consisted of performing various hyung (patterns), partnered techniques, board breaks and a long period of free sparring against Whangarei’s existing Black Belts.

Russell is now looking forward to training as an Instructor and getting the opportunity to give back to the club.

Grading dates for March 2013 announced

Dates for the first grading of 2013 have been set. Learn well and train hard to ensure you qualify for grading.

Auckland – Thursday March 21, 2013
Opua – Friday March 22, 2013
Whangarei – Saturday March 23, 2013
Christchurch – Monday March 25, 2013
Wellington – Tuesday March 26, 2013