Learn traditional Taekwondo from expert Instructors at branches throughout New Zealand.

The focus is YOU

Our classes and philosophy differ from some other martial arts schools. At Pacific Sun Taekwondo, we focus on your individual progress and achievements while helping you attain your training goals. So whether you want to improve your health, fitness and well being or go all the way to Black Belt and beyond, we’re here to help you.

Develop life changing SKILLS

You’ll learn how to kick, punch, block and jump, and you’ll be graded and assessed regularly so you know you’re progressing as you achieve each new belt level. You’ll develop life changing skills including discipline, perseverance and determination, but the greatest benefit you will achieve is the self belief that you can do anything when you know how to go for it!

A reputation for EXCELLENCE

Under the watchful eye of Master Trevor Dicks (8th degree Black Belt), Pacific Sun Taekwondo’s reputation for excellent teaching, amazing results and commitment to its students remains unchanged after almost years in martial arts.


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Branch Instructor: Senior Instructor Daniel van der Starre (2nd Dan) Location: Heaton Intermediate Normal School
125 Heaton Street
Christchurch Classes: Mondays and Wednesdays
6.30pm – 7.30pm: Juniors & Seniors Minimum age: 6 Contact details: 027 252 5636

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First grading dates for 2018 announced

The first grading dates for 2018 have been announced, as below:

Auckland – Thurs 15th March
Bay of Islands – Fri 16th March
Whangarei – Sat 17th March
Wellington – Mon 19th March

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2016 Grading Dates

2016 grading dates have just been announced and are as below:

March 2016

Auckland                       Thursday 17

Bay of Islands               Friday 18

Whangarei                    Saturday 19

Christchurch       …

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PSTKD Camp 2015

The 2015 camp was a great opportunity for taekwondo, training, running, patterns, free sparring…  and more taekwondo. Thank you to the wider Whangarei team for their co-ordination of the successful weekend, and the crucial kitchen team who kept the students well nourished so that they could learn as much as possible.

60+ students and instructors gathered …

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